The Regatta

With a rowing distance of 6500m, Aerobic Monsters Regatta is a single scull event in Douro River with rowers competing in a time-trial system. Its course is located in Gondomar (6km from Porto), just in front of the Infante boathouse, starting downstream towards Porto, then rounding buoys halfway and returning upstream until the starting point.

The entire race can be followed cycling or running the pathway along river course, and is meant for athletes above the age of 15, of both genders.


About Clube Naval Infante D. Henrique

Founded in the 4th of July, 1925, Clube Naval Infante D. Henrique, aka Infante, is one of the biggest Portuguese rowing clubs, located in Gondomar, 6km from Porto city center. With about 600 members, is the National clubs champion for the last 9 years, powered by 200 rowers from all ages, either rowing for competition or leisure. Inclusive rowing for persons with disability is also part of the club offer.

Organizing events regularly is also an important component of club activity, for sports and rowing promotion or club funding, such as:

  • Gondomar International Regatta (2km, end of May), already with 39 editions
  • Freedom Regatta (1km, end of April), since 1975
  • Aerobic Monsters Regatta (6.5km, 27th of October), since 2011
  • Douro Rowing Tours, a multi-day touring journey, rowing the Portuguese course of Douro River, enjoying nature, local food and wine, and meeting Porto.